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As the end of the month draws in, the date marks a very special anniversary for us. Over two decades ago, BoConcept embarked on a journey to redefine the world of Scottish Contemporary design, with the goal of making iconic Danish craftsmanship more accessible to Scotland.

Join us in celebrating this milestone, as we take a nostalgic stroll down memory lane with some of the key members of the BoConcept team. These individuals, who have been the driving force behind our success, will be sharing their favourite memories, reflecting on the challenges overcome, and celebrating the triumphs that have seen us go from a small store in Glasgow to four large design studios across the length and breadth of Scotland.

Join us as we celebrate 21 years of BoConcept—a celebration not just of furniture, but of the incredible individuals who have been the backbone of our success. Together, let's raise a toast to the memories made, the challenges conquered, and the boundless future that lies ahead. Here's to 21 years of transforming spaces and making design dreams a reality!

From Building Suite to Design Studio

During my job interview, the Tillicoultry store was merely a shell of a store, a proper building site! Getting stuck in straight away, myself and the rest of the team started working flat out to get the store all ready for the opening date, only a few days away. All the hard work has definitely paid off!

Lynne McLeod, Office Manager

Delivering Dedication

While delivering one of our client’s new three-seater sofa, we quickly realised that this particular job would prove quite a headache. Due to narrow stairs and floor-to-ceiling decorative railings, we couldn’t get the sofa around the middle landing of the customer's first-floor apartment.

Sadly, there wasn’t a straightforward way to get the sofa in the space. We suggested taking it back to our warehouse for now, while the client chose a design that would fit through the challenging access.

As we were driving away, we noticed in the van's wing mirror that the client’s apartment had a Juliet balcony. We returned to the client, got an agreement to cover the grass in packing boards, tipped the sofa onto the roof of our van, went into the client's apartment and lifted the sofa over the railing on the first floor into the customer's home. The client was so relieved! We are dedicated to making our designs and installation process work, no matter how challenging.

Craig McKee, Installer

Store Ekstaordinær

My best moment so far was BoConcept Tillicoultry winning the worldwide competition for the best store, beating out over three hundred design studios and becoming the prime example of a destination store focused on sparking our client’s imagination for their spaces.

Marie Ward, Store Manager, BoConcept Tillicoultry

Guaranteeing Clients' Happiness Since 2002

I was visiting one of our stores and the store phone rang. It was a customer calling who was very upset about her big corner sofa that was all wrong for the room. We had given them a fabric sample to take home to check the style and colour was correct. They loved it and confirmed her order.

After it was delivered and the artificial indoor lights were on at night, they realised the colour was all wrong for the room.

They were devastated. They lived with it for a few days but just hated it. They knew it was custom-made to order so realised it was a very, very expensive mistake to make. They decided the only option was to pay out to get it recovered so was calling to ask if that was a service we offered.

Instead, I told them to keep using the sofa for the moment, to come into the store and select something new and when it came into our Glasgow warehouse from Denmark we would arrange to swap them over, all totally free of charge.

I was aware that we could very easily have suggested some local upholsterers and also sold her the fabric to do the job. When I told them we would swap it, the customer burst into tears. This was the trigger for our 5-point care guarantee. We realised that we needed to automatically offer this exchange option up front to every customer for every order.

It’s not often we have to swap anything but when we do, customers are absolutely over the moon!

Adam Davidson, Director




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