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Like it or not, for some of us working at a desk is how we spend most of our weekday time. How we set up our workspace can only not only aid our productivity and work quality, it can also affect our health and wellbeing. That’s why we’ve asked our designers and industry experts for their input on how to set a workspace that helps promote productivity and healthy habits.

1. Environment

It’s important to consider where you what’s in the space that you’re working in. A well organised, tidy space helps us focus on our work and not be distracted by other tasks. We also want to enjoy our work, which means enjoying the space that we do it in. If you are creating a home office, invest some time to create a space that is enjoyable to work in; a space that feels comfortable yet efficient. Our interior designers have created numerous home offices – check out our projects page for some office design inspiration.

2. Seating

Having the correct seat setup is crucial for a healthy posture and optimum comfort. When we spend prolonged time at our desks, it is important to have a chair that supports us ergonomically. We don’t recommend rushing into a purchase – a poorly thought-out chair can lead to pain and an uncomfortable working experience, which can then lead to an unproductive working experience. Explore chairs with an adjustable height, with plenty lower back support and padding for comfort even after late-night work meetings.

3. Workspace

What we work on could have more of an important factor on productivity that originally thought. A few years ago, when we were all working from home, any old workspace (usually the dining table) became a makeshift office. Now that we have established areas of work with some still working from home even some of the time, investing in a sensible work desk could lead to more focused work results. We recommend examining the correct amount of work area that you need, and choosing a desk size that accommodates this. We also recommend exploring your storage options, as a cluttered area could become distracting. Explore BoConcept’s range of workspaces and discover if we have an option that can be customised to suit you.

4. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of how we live our lives, and how we use it affects us in different ways. Of course, natural light is crucial to our overall health, but also aids in our productivity while we are working. Natural light keeps us feeling energised and awake, allowing us to get on with tasks quickly and effectively. When this light isn’t available, artificial is the next best thing. Traditional desk lamps can often be overly harsh for our eyes, especially being in such close proximity to us. We recommend softer, diffused lighting, in tandem with other light sources as to not strain our eyes. If you like the traditional desk lamp look, research into bulb brightness and wattage – remember, bigger is not always better.

5. Equipment

When setting up your workstation, consider the equipment you’d like and\or need to get the job done. This could be the correct monitor, the right keyboard or even down to your favourite stationary. We have found that the equipment we use does have an influence on the work that we carry out. High-quality tools produce high quality results. If you have a specific workstation query, we recommend speaking to us about your space so we can give you bespoke advice and help you uncover the potential in your dream office space.




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