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We’re giving you our top tips to organise your home, and find the best solutions to store your prized possessions.

With the start of a new year – and a new decade – the feeling of starting anew and reorganising our lives is on many people’s minds. These could be the usual resolutions such as starting a new fitness regime or eating more healthily, but many of us use this time to organise ourselves and streamline our lives. Whether it’s overflowing shelves and endless diaries at work, or sagging bookcases and crammed drawers at home, now is the perfect time to get rid of excess items and whip our spaces into shape.

 The dream is to create the perfect balance – finding the middle ground between clutter and empty space. Being clever with how we furnish, organise and prioritise our spaces can make the world of difference to how we view a ‘cluttered’ home.

 We’re giving you our top tips to organise your home, and find the best solutions to store your prized possessions.

1 – Don’t Be Afraid to Show off

 Having items on display doesn’t always mean clutter. Picking select items to show off on open shelves and free surfaces add character to a room. However, being strategic is the key to pulling off this styling feature off successfully. Balance is essential – storage solutions with a mixture of covered and open shelving help you prioritise which items you would like to display. We would recommend our Copenhagen system – which lets you customise your design solution to your bespoke space and storage needs.

2 – Create a Charging Station

In an effort to cut down on paper, you may find empty magazine racks with nothing to fill them. This isn’t a reason to throw them out though, as they still have an excellent purpose. Keep all your electronics in one place to charge and never lose them again. If you need even more practicality, consider the Paris side table, with built-in electronic/paper storage beneath the tabletop.

3 – Allow designated Areas for Clutter

Sometimes it’s difficult to curb your hoarding problem, we’ve all been there. For those who aren’t naturally inclined to tidy, you should embrace it and make a design feature. If there are items that never leave your coffee table, dress them up. Consider a few select items such as books, candles or your favourite mug and make them a centrepiece with a decorative tray.

4 – Find Furniture with multiple uses

Flexible furniture, especially in compact spaces, can be highly useful. From extending tables to sofa beds, items that serve multiple purposes with minimal fuss are not only practical, but can be cost-effective, and can help you find metres of new-found space within your home.

Could your rarely used spare bedroom be better served as a home office? Why not remove the bulky bed and make better use of the space? Our Xtra Footstool transforms in seconds from a compact stool into a single bed with a memory foam mattress – perfect for the occasional guest. Or how about the dinner party you’ve always dreamed of hosting but can’t find the space for? Our Rubi Coffee Table transforms from a minimal coffee table into a full-size dining table with room for eight people.


5 – Create a more Spacious feeling with Floating Storage

Nothing can weigh down a room more than large, heavy furniture. With so many factors that can influence the feeling of space in a room; from colour, to finish and furnishing, making clever choices can perceive how large a room can feel to the user. Solutions such as keeping floorspace clear by wall mounting furniture pieces can create the illusion of a larger floorplan. We recommend pieces such as our Lugano and Bordeaux units – allowing versatile storage solutions with minimal intrusion into compact spaces.

6 – Place Shelving in Unexpected Places


You would be surprised where you can fit storage into a space while still keeping a harmonious design. One solution would be placing shelving behind your sofa. As well as being practical, it adds a stylish partition to open-plan spaces. Turn an unused corner into something practical and stylish or wrap the table around the back of your seats for space-saving storage. 

We would recommend our Bordeaux shelving units for this, which are the same heights when places on the floor as most of our sofas. This creates a seamless transition to storage and comfort.

7 – make the most of your bedroom 

Many view their bedroom as the sanctuary of the home – a place exclusively designed around rest and relaxation. Storage solutions on the bedroom don’t often stray far from the standard wardrobe and chest of drawers combo, but there are alternatives.

Choosing a bed with storage underneath is a clever way to maximize the use of space within a room. Utilising dividers and boxes increase your organising capabilities, letting you store shoes, clothing and anything else that is lying around as surplus in your bedroom without taking up precious floor space. We recommend our Mezzo bedframe, available as a fully upholstered frame in any of our fabrics and leathers to suit any style of room. 

We Love to Help

Whatever your design predicament is, tips and guidance are always useful. Whether it’s deciding where you want to store your books, choosing the perfect coffee table or even picking the right colour of cushion – it’s always nice to hear a professional’s opinion.

 Nothing beats having a face-to-face opinion you can trust. Someone who understands your needs and can guide you to the right choice. With BoConcept’s free interior design service, you can receive help from experienced designers with any design issue in your home. Book your appointment today.

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