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Aberdeen Designer Wins Home Improvement Award

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Finding problems to solutions, especially when it comes to your home design, can often be difficult. James Bruce, the Design Manager at BoConcept Aberdeen, fronts a team of consultants leading the field in interior design expertise and impeccable customer service. Today, we're thrilled to announce that James has won the Trades Awards’ Home/Building Improvement Award, an accolade he undoubtedly deserves.

About James

James' journey to becoming a design expert started at the prestigious Edinburgh College of Art. His talent and passion for design led him to BoConcept, where he joined as a Design Consultant back in 2016. James was part of the team that opened BoConcept Edinburgh, and his exceptional skills soon propelled him to the role of Senior Design Consultant. In 2022, when BoConcept Aberdeen opened its doors, James stepped into the role of Design Manager.

The Project

James’ impeccable design work can be exemplified through the Anstruther Residence in 2023. This project involved a complete redesign and expansion of the client's home, with James at the helm orchestrating the transformation.

The client, with a discerning eye for design, recognised the value of BoConcept's free interior design service. Despite a hectic schedule, they collaborated with James remotely to make the most of their space and create a distinctive and effective interior design.

The Brief

The design brief was clear: a spacious, open-plan living and dining area within a new extension, all while coordinating the design process with the construction work. What ensued was a truly collaborative effort. James and the client exchanged ideas effortlessly, engaging with the architect to ensure the interior design seamlessly blended with the architectural elements.

To overcome the challenge of remote collaboration, James employed a range of design tools available at BoConcept. Starting with the architect's drawings, he constructed a 3D model of the proposed extension. This model proved invaluable in allowing the client to visualise the end result while the space was still under construction. It facilitated discussions about spatial arrangement, styling, and practical considerations like circulation and ergonomics.

Renders generated from the 3D model showcased the impact of material choices and detailing. To provide the client with a high level of confidence, James then shipped free physical samples to their home. This meticulous attention to detail ensured that the client had complete trust in the project before making any commitments.

The Award-Winning Result

The result was a stunning design and an overjoyed client, with the project picking up BoConcept’s prestigious Design Excellence Award. With another win under his belt, the work that James puts into his designs and client relationships are now getting the well-deserved recognition of the Scottish design and construction sector.




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