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Aaron Hunter

Design Consultant, Glasgow

Aaron Hunter


Aaron Hunter

Masters Degree in Interior Architecture and Urban Design. 
Undergraduate degree in Interior Design.
Inclusive Environments degree awarded by the Design Council.

From Glasgow to London and Los Angeles I have worked all over the world following my passion of interiors. I have now been a qualified Interior Designer for over 7 years since I graduated from The Glasgow School of Art, working on amazing projects and more importantly building honest relationships with clients and friends. I graduated with my masters degree in 2019 which brought me back to Glasgow once again - where I won my first Interior Design award, rewarded from the design council in London. Interior design to me is more than just the perfect cushion - it is about you! It is about getting to know you and designing a space or choosing a sofa that reflects both you and your family.


From selecting a cushion for a living room to creating the ideal office space for top businesses, we are committed to creating the perfect solution for our clients. Look through Aaron's past and current projects to get inspired for your own space.


Glasgow, 2020


Our Interior designers would love to add their free input to your design selection and customization. Visit us for free styling advice or book a no-obligation talk today.

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