Recreate the BoConcept Signature Scandi Look This Festive Season

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Bringing a little bit of festive cheer into the home can properly lighten the mood of any space.  We want to celebrate the season in style, so we’ve asked our designers across our Scottish stores for their top tips on creating the signature Scandi style in your home.

Embrace Neutral Elegance

BoConcept's signature style often revolves around neutral tones and clean lines. To bring a touch of this elegance to your festive decor, start with a neutral colour palette as the base. Opt for white, beige, or greys with very soft hues of greens, blues, or reds. This provides a timeless canvas that allows you to play with pops of festive colours and accessories.

Layer With Luxe Textiles

The holidays are all about warmth and comfort. Enhance your space with luxurious textures like chunky knit throws, boucle cushions and velvet fabrics. Our collection features a variety of textures that can add a touch of opulence to your living room or bedroom, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere for your guests.

Statement Foliage

Greenery is a key part of winter styling. Go big on greenery around the home with garlands, trees, tablescapes and wreaths. For those scared to commit to statement furniture, this is a great introduction to see how you feel with large features with bolder colours in your home. A BoConcept signature is a flower cloud above the dining table. Check out our tutorial here.

Festive Accessories

Elevate your holiday decor with carefully curated accessories. Consider integrating more festive ornaments with items that can effortlessly integrate into your existing decor. Mix and match metals, textures and surfaces in your space to create some visual intrigue.

Lighting Magic

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood for festive celebrations. Experiment with different lighting sources, such as pendant lights, floor lamps, and candles. BoConcept's lighting collection combines functionality with aesthetics, allowing you to create a warm and inviting ambience that complements your holiday decor.

Space-Saving Solutions

At this time of year, you may find that you have some unexpected guests at short notice. When preparing for holiday gatherings, consider their space-saving furniture options, such as extendable dining tables and modular seating. This ensures that your home remains stylish and practical, even when hosting larger gatherings. Items such as sofa beds may also be something to consider for long-term practicality.




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Holiday Home in West Scotland


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