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boconcept finance


We’re here to help you create a home fitted to your lifestyle and personality. You can spread the cost of your design with our flexible finance options. 

Spread the cost of your design


We have multiple ways to pay for your BoConcept furniture. Read below to see how you can spread the cost and make creating your dream space even easier. 

Interest-Free Credit

With this option, you can choose to spread the cost of your design interest-free over a 12 month period. 

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At the point of purchase, we ask for a deposit of your choice (min. 15% of order value) and then the remaining balance is spread over the 12 months after your receive your furniture, starting approximately 1-2 weeks after your delivery. 

Representative Example

Customer order total = £5000

Deposit (15%) = £750

Length of agreement = 12 months

Finance (£4250) = 12 x £354.17, starting approx. 1-2 weeks after delivery

Buy Now, Pay Later

Although similar, this method of payment has some key differences to our first option.

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We will again ask you for a deposit at the point of purchase (min. 15% of order value). The remaining value will be split into 36 monthly payments at 19.9% APR.  You can then choose to defer the starting date of these payments by up to 12 months. This is known as the deferral period. 

During the deferral period, you can pay off your remaining balance as and when you like with no interest accrued. When you are nearing the end of this period, you will be notified.

If you have a remaining amount left to pay in your account at the end of this period, this will then be split into 36 monthly payments at 19.9% APR.

Representative Example
  • Order total = £5000
  • Deposit (15%) = £750
  • Countdown period = 12 months, starting the day the agreement is made
  • Length of agreement = 48 months (12 month countdown + 36 month default payments)
IF £4250 paid off within countdown = no interest charged & agreement ends.
IF £2000 paid off within countdown = £2250 split over 36 months with 19.9% APR, becomes 36 x £96.46 (£3472.56)
IF £0 is paid off within countdown = £4250 split over 36 months with 19.9% APR, becomes 36 x £182.19 (£6558.84)


Right now, you’ll receive £200 voucher when booking an interior design consultation. Book an appointment to speak to a stylist on how to personalise and optimise a design. We can talk on the phone, virtually, in your home or set up a meeting at the store. Our styling advice is of course free – no strings attached.

Enter your order value, size of deposit and how many months you want to spread your payment. 

Get your £200 Voucher

Book a free design consultation with us and get a £200 voucher towards your design.