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Side Table

The Design


Side Table

The Ottawa side table is more than good looks. Cleverly designed, its base fits right to your sofa or bed, giving you a place to put down your drink or meal for a comfortable snack. Though slim and elegant in the design, the table is sturdy enough for both your laptop or books.

From £459.00


From customisation to styling, explore ways in which Ottawa could work for you.


Dimensions and Weight

Height: 55 cm

Length: 30 cm

Width: 55 cm

Tabletop thickness: ½ cm

Height to table top: 55 cmWeight: 17 kg

Maximum weight load: 10 kg

Karim Rashid


Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is one of the most creative designers of his generation. His impressive portfolio includes more than 3000 designs in production ranging from furniture and accessories to store designs and luxury goods. To Karim functionality and minimalism is essential but at the same time he wants to move people and create furniture that make people feel at ease. He calls this approach to design 'sensual minimalism'.

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