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Side Table

The Design


Side table

Paris is your elegant storage solution perfect for both tight spaces and grandiose interiors. The elegant and light construction lifts the solid top in a luxurious and functional design expression.

From £539.00


From customisation to styling, explore ways in which Paris could work for you.


Dimensions and Weight

Height: 57½ cm

Length: 62½ cm

Width: 32½ cm

Tabletop thickness: 2 cm

Height to table top: 55½ cm

Weight: 17 kg

Maximum weight load: 30 kg

Morten Georgsen


Morten Georgsen

Morten Georgsen designs modern furniture with multiple functions. He has a talent for mixing materials and colours to create a dynamic, yet harmonious look. Morten Georgsen’s designs reflect his passion for creating amazing functionality without ever compromising on beauty.

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