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Bolzano Armchair The Design Bolzano armchair Bolzano is all about organic forms and curved silhouettes. Keeping the lines of the design clean and minimalistic. Bolzano stands out with a curved yet classic look . From £1,349.00 View in UK WEBSHOP INSPIRATION From customisation to styling, explore ways in which Bolzano could work for you. SPECIFICATION …

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Princeton Armchair The Design Princeton armchair Princeton is a beautiful chair where the light base with its design details embraces the organic-shaped back and seat and ends up with a light and feminine expression. The soft comfort and the cocoon effect make the chair very cosy and welcoming. From £1,249.00 View in UK WEBSHOP INSPIRATION …

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Berne Armchair The Design Berne armchair Making a simple function or shape appear light and elegant is sometimes the most difficult task. Berne is all about cutting away any unnecessary shapes, leaving only the most essential elements and making these appear obvious, even though they are the result of refinements added in the design process. …

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Charlotte Armchair The Design Charlotte armchair Feel the warm embrace of the Charlotte armchair. Charlotte’s comfort, durability and beautiful design allow it to easily finds its place in any room. With an eye to natural forms, clean lines and comfort, designer Henrik Pedersen has created a small armchair with a big personality. From £1319.00 View …

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Boston Armchair The Design Boston armchair Don’t think for a second that the clean, sleek lines of the Boston armchair equal an uncomfortable seat. Though it appears slim, the thick and soft seat makes the Boston armchair as easy on the body as it is on the eyes. Let the armchair cocoon you and relax …

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Imola Armchair The Design Imola armchair Take a closer look. From the striking details to the graceful sweeps of its curves, the Imola armchair is a true design icon. Roomy enough for you to curl up in, yet so elegant it doesn’t seem over the top, the Imola armchair is an instant classic and ready …

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Dublin Armchair The Design Dublin armchair Dublin – your personal retreat with generous proportions, oversized comfort, and an attitude larger than life. The shapes of Dublin are easy on the eye, organic like pebbles on the beach, yet well-defined and with a clear purpose. With Dublin you will add comfort and an iconic expression to …

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Chelsea Armchair The Design Chelsea armchair Chelsea is Karim Rashid’s take on feminine, soft and organic design that adds a sensual comfort to your space. It’s an eye-catching statement piece inspired by the Chelsea neighbourhood of New York City – the art hub and home of the prolific designer. From £2169.00 View in UK WEBSHOP …

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Carmo Armchair The Design Carmo armchair The modern Carmo sofa is a real show-stopper with its cubic look, perfectly accentuated by exclusive piping details. Don’t be fooled by the straight lines, this sofa is a dream to sit on. From £1079.00 View in UK WEBSHOP INSPIRATION From customisation to styling, explore ways in which Carmo …

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Fusion Armchair The Design Fusion armchair The fusion armchair, inspired by the art of origami, has a unique sculptural look and a plump seat just waiting to give you a hug. With slim wooden legs to lighten the look of the heavy seat, this is an armchair dying to make a design statement in your …

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