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Dining Room Design Inspiration

Decorating can be a daunting task, especially when faced with a blank canvas. Let our designs inspire your own creativity, and let’s design a modern dining room that reflects your own unique style.


Plan It Out
The first step in planning out your dining room’s design—or any room for that matter—are two simple questions:

What will this space be used for? While eating may seem like the obvious answer, think outside-the-box. If you have friends that come over for game night, a round table may be in your best interest for easy gameboard access.

How do I want it to feel? If you want it to be energizing, perhaps opt for some bold and colourful wall art. Want it to feel relaxing? Accessorise with scented candles and consider dimmable lighting.

Start With The Three Basics
All dining rooms should have the three basics—a table, chairs, and lighting—but anything beyond that will depend on how much space you have, as well as your personal preference. Add-on items may include larger furniture like a sideboard or cabinet, as well as decorative accessories such as rugs, vases, and wall art.

Pick A Position
Most dining rooms have the table in the centre for two reasons: It allows optimal room for all chairs to pull in and out, and it effortlessly creates a balanced look. However, corner tables can also work great. Just opt for benches along the walls instead or chairs and centre some lighting over the table to maintain balance.


Dining room round tabletop design

There’s no need to panic; we aren’t talking about going to the gym! But rather the shape of your dining table. A dining table’s shape won’t just dramatically impact the aesthetic of your dining room, but it can also affect comfort.


Great for corner table setups since there are no sharp edges to bump into. Also optimal for small dining rooms, square dining rooms, and lending a room a softer aesthetic or a cosy feel.


If you are looking to create a modern dining room, a rectangular table is a great way to go. They are widely available, their edges are clean and sleek, plus most come with extensions, which are ideal for larger gatherings.


Best used in square dining rooms. Perfect for small gatherings and garnering an intimate feel.


Similar to rectangular, but visually occupies less space. Great if you want to maximise seating in a rectangular room.

Get the retro look – 70’s dining style

Retro 70's dining room style

CLEAN Minimal EARTH TONES – SS20 Trend style

Minimal earth dining room design style


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