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The Scandinavian country of Denmark is famous for its stylish interior design and architecture, including the iconic 1960s ‘egg chair’, designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958. If you’ve been thinking about giving your home interiors a makeover, Danish design is a great place to start.

Danish style is characterised by minimalism, high quality pieces and the cosy concept of ‘hygge’, but how exactly do you bring this into your home? If you’re looking for some interior design inspiration, see below for some of our favourite ways to add Danish style to your home.

Keep it simple

Danish style is all about minimal clutter and simple, neutral colour schemes. Think monochrome or a harmonious mix of tonal shades like grey, blue or green. Choose neutral or pastel colours over loud, bright shades and keep visual clutter to a minimum. This doesn’t mean you need to throw out beloved keepsakes, but think carefully about what you want to display and tidy away the rest.

Soft lighting

The key to this is candles – and lots of them. The Danes light more candles per head than anywhere else in Europe and candlelight is central to creating that soft, hygge glow. Stick to white, unscented candles for a clean, minimalist look and place them at the edge of the bath, as a table centrepiece and on mantelpieces. If you need more light, stick to table lamps or soft glow light bulbs instead of harsh, overhead or LED lighting.

Natural textures

A mix of textures adds interest to an otherwise minimalist design and colour scheme. Focus on natural textures like wool, leather, wood and stone and use a mixture in each room of your home. If you’re looking for a more permanent change, swap carpets for wooden or stone flooring or add wooden beams to the ceiling. There are plenty of smaller, more affordable ways to introduce texture too; add wool blankets to sofas, lay rugs on the floor and look for accessories like stone vases and timber shelving.

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