One of the design challenges that we are asked about most often is how to choose the best sofas and seating for small spaces. It is all very well falling head over heels for that sprawling showstopper in the showroom window, but the reality for many of us is that space is at a premium, and we need our interiors to work just as hard as we do.

Thankfully we can share some interior design tricks that will help you to really get the most out of your living space, no matter what your budget or lifestyle, so finding furnishings for your compact space no longer means having to compromise on comfort or style.

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Ask any designer and one of their top recommendations when decorating smaller spaces is to choose furniture with legs. By leaving clear space underneath, this increases the visible floor area, creating the illusion of more space.

Embrace Multifunctional Solutions

Smart furniture, that can meet multiple needs can be a life saver in compact living spaces. Designers have become much more adept at creating pieces that are true all rounders, rating highly for both (or all) of their intended purposes – long gone are the days of sofa beds that feel like sleeping on a bag of rocks.

Ottomans and footstools that incorporate roomy storage are an excellent option as they provide flexible seating options in addition to a sneaky hideaway for all of your clutter. Sofa beds, or sofas that can accomodate a sleeper in comfort also help you to take the functionality of your space one step further.

Make it modular

Modular or sectional sofas in a L-shaped configuration are a great choice for smaller spaces, giving more seating for the space used and creating a cosy corner in which to snuggle up.

Truly modular designs have the additional benefit that they can be reconfigured or added to if you eventually move to a larger space.

Occasional seating for every day

Supplement your sofa with occasional furniture such as stools and ottomans rather than a more space hungry armchair. These are great options for making the most of nooks or awkward corners, such as under stairs or into alcoves, that won’t accommodate larger pieces. They can also be tucked under coffee or side tables when not in use to free up some critical floor space.

Opt for Hardwearing fabrics and finishes

In more compact spaces, where there is less room to move around, furnishings are subject to higher levels of wear and tear. To make sure that your carefully selected furnishings stay looking as good as they did when you first fell in love with them it is best to invest in harder wearing finishes that will stand the test of time. For upholstery, look for tough fabrics that repel dirt and spills, and those with a high Martindale score that can withstand being rubbed against as you move around.

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