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Our in's and out's of 2023

our take on new year's resolutions

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With the new year coming in, we want to share our favourite parts of the interiors world that we will welcome in 2023 while leaving what we think is better best forgotten in 2022. Here are our ins and outs for the new year.

IN FOR 2023


In recent years, we have seen the move away from interiors that come as part of a set to spaces that are formed over time, with pieces and collections that grow and evolve with their owners. Curated interiors tend to reflect people's personalities, showcases their personal style and show the life that people lead and how they have come to be the person that they are.


With sustainability and the ever-more important need to reduce our individual consumption, we are always looking for ways to combat our carbon footprint – this extends to our interiors as well. We recommend investing in pieces of furniture that you will hold on to; pieces that will last you through many years with minimal style changes and will withstand everyday wear and tear.


As with sustainability, well-being has never been more important in interior design. Over the past few years, we have never spent more time in our homes, and in a post-pandemic world, we find ourselves wanting multi-sensory interaction with our spaces. As well as fabrics such as natural wool and textured weaves, expect wall finishes like exposed brick, wood and limewash plaster out on display.


2022 was the year of neutrals. We’re still a huge fan of this, as it creates a calming, warm home. Moving on, world-leading interior designers are predicting that bold colours and abstract thinking will be present in 2023. We don’t suggest redecorating your entire home to follow a predicted trend – rather if you like the idea of bringing more colour into your space, try incorporating it naturally, following the idea of a curated home.

OUT FOR 2023


Following on from everyone’s focus on sustainability, it could be argued that the idea of following multiple trends when it comes to interior design could be inherently wasteful, depending on how often and to what scale trend styles can change. With the advent of the internet and social media, trend cycles have become ever shorter and shorter, to where if we were to follow them religiously, our homes would be changing near enough every month. Our advice would be to refer back to the curated home – pick and choose from trends that you like, and incorporate them into an existing room.


The term ‘fast fashion’ is now synonymous with modern society, but the same terminology can also be applied to our interior design choices as well. Of course, we understand that everything purchased for the home can’t be a luxury good (which doesn’t necessarily mean quality) but buying with intent and information is one step towards a longer-lasting and more timeless home.


At BoConcept, we wholeheartedly encourage our client’s personalities and styles to flourish in their interior design choices. Of course, inspiration is very important when designing your home, however copying another space or design isn’t encouraged, as it may not meet your day-to-day demands. When designing your home, consider your needs and lifestyle choices as well as your aesthetic. This may result in spaces that are unique to you, reflecting you, your friends and family and the life you live.


In 2023, we are encouraging living in our homes and not being afraid to show it! Trying to achieve the perfect room, and forever striving for something more may lead to dissatisfaction, even when our homes are beautiful to others. Our designers style our showrooms like living breathing spaces, trying to break the stigma of homes having to appear like a sterile showrooms at all times. We want to live our lives to the full, so why shouldn’t our homes?




The best advice we can give you is on a one-to-one basis. Our designers can help your specific dining dilemmas with tailored advice that addresses your personal needs, wants and tastes. Available in-store, online or in your own home; explore our free interior design service today.

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