Your bedroom should reflect your own unique style, but sometimes it’s hard to start decorating when faced with a blank canvas. Use our modern bedroom decor designs to inspire your creativity.


Bordeaux dresser in matt white lacquer

Linen throw

Arlington Bed

Dublin chair

Bordeaux nightstand in matt white lacquer

Interior Trend

Calming Neutrals

Scandi-lovers have curated this selection of warmer, creamier hues that bring a Scandinavian, natural touch to a design of space, replacing the traditional Nordic base of white and near-whites.

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You should be able to sink into your bed at the end of your day, knowing it’s your little piece of paradise, a place for sweet dreams and relaxation. All our beds have plenty of storage using ingenious lift-up frames, making them both comfortable and practical.

Mezzo, London

London bench

Ball wall lamp

Mezzo bed

Diamond nightstand


Colour Trend

Deep Blues

This colour palette is ideal for those who want to bring grand and meditative effects into their homes. Use textured walls and tactile fabrics to give interest and call to mind crashing waves and calming daybreaks.

Darker hues can be complemented with darker accents such as black, dark oak and walnut to bring a majestic feel to your space.

Design Tip

Light It Right

The lighting options in your bedroom are key to creating an atmosphere. Experiment with lamps to produce the perfect amount of light in the evenings to read by. Our designers are on hand to help you make the perfect choice of lighting for your bedroom.

Curious and Austin

Block side table

Curious floor lamp

Austin bed

1685880_10000 (1)

Rems throw

Rems cushion

Houston bed

Lugano nightstand

Curious table lamp

Interior Trend

Quiet Luxury

Be inspired by the world’s great cities with this colour palette. It has subtle blues, browns and blacks along with deep, saturated earthy tones.

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Big or Small

If you need help with your room interior design ideas, get in touch to see how we can help you in all aspects of interior design, from whole rooms to just a piece of furniture.

Bergamo sofa in white Lazio
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