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Need inspiration for your new dining room? Let our modern dining room decor designs inspire your creativity, and work with us to design a space that reflects you.

Fiorentina, Adelaide and Pine Cone

Lugano Sideboard

Shanghai Rug

Fiorentina Table

Adelaide Chair

Interior Trend

Calming Neutrals

The newest trend is Scandinavian style design, focusing on warm and natural touches. It uses creamier, warmer hues over the traditional Nordic base of white and near-whites.

Shop Tables

The right diner table is the crucial element that will bring your kitchen together. You may be looking for something sleek and simple or adjustable and extendable, perfect for an intimate meal or a feast for the whole family. Whatever your needs, you can find your perfect dining table right here.

Design Tip

Experiment With Colour

Transform your room by adding in a pop of colour using accessories and furniture such as dining room chairs. Our designers are on hand to help you make the perfect choice for your kitchen or dining room.

Fiorentina, Princeton, Lugano

Lugano Sideboard

Fiorentina Table

Princeton Table


Adelaide Chair

Mystic Rug

Alicante Table

Interior Trend

Quiet Luxury

Subtle blues, browns and blacks along with deep, saturated earthy tones make up this colour palette, a love letter to the world’s greatest cities.

We're Here To Help

Big or Small

If you need help with your room interior design ideas, get in touch to see how we can help you in all aspects of interior design, from whole rooms to just a piece of furniture.

Bergamo sofa in white Lazio
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