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Storage is an important factor to consider when designing your new room or home. We offer bespoke storage design ideas to suit your lifestyle and taste, taking into account whether you want wall-mounted shelving units or storage cabinets. If you need inspiration, read on for our modern storage ideas.

Como Wall System

Como Wall System

Amsterdam Sofa

Shanghai Rug

Madrid Coffee Table

Interior Trend

Calming Neutrals

Warm and creamy Scandinavian hues are perfect for this season, replacing the traditional Nordic white and near-whites that have previously been popular. Perfect for Scandi-Lovers, they add a natural touch to your space.

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Shop bookcases, TV units, home office solutions or wall storage units. We have storage design ideas for whatever your needs are.


Lugano Storage Bed

Lugano Headboard

Lugano Nightstand

Storage Hack

Hidden Treasures

Our storage beds are functional and comfortable, offering additional storage space while retaining a sleek and modern look.

Our Lugano Storage Bed uses gas struts to make it light and easy to lift.

Design Tip

Rise Up

You can open a room up and make it feel more spacious by using wall-mounted furniture. Our selection of wall storage and wall-mounted shelving units help your home feel sophisticated and luxurious through the simple art of being off the floor.

Princeton and Lugano

Princeton Bench

Tone Mirror

Lugano Sideboard

Bordeaux and Lugano

Bordeaux Shelf

Lugano Base Unit

Interior Trend

Quiet Luxury

Fall in love with a colour palette that’s a love letter to the world’s great cities. It has deep, saturated earthy tones and subtle blues, browns and blacks.

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Big or Small

If you need help with your room interior design ideas, get in touch to see how we can help you in all aspects of interior design, from whole rooms to just a piece of furniture.

Bergamo sofa in white Lazio
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