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Discover our collection of 30 high quality leathers, ranging from accessible corrected leather, through semi-aniline to premium aniline leathers. With so many on trend shades, choosing your favourite might be a challenge, but we have provided everything you need to know about the BoConcept Leather Collection 2022 in order to find the perfect leather to suit your style.

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Corrected leather is a hide with its natural grain sanded down, sprayed with a thick layer of colour (pigmented) and embossed with a new grain.

Since it has been sanded and given an artificial grain it is possible to use more of each hide ensuring a more affordable product.



Raw material: Cow

Country of origin: South America

Classification: Corrected leather, pigmented

Thickness: 1,1 – 1,3 mm

Tear strenght: >= 20 Newton


SALTO is a corrected leather made from South American cow hides. Cow hides have a nice fullness and feel which ensures a soft leather. SALTO leather has been sanded down, maintaining 25% of its natural grain, and corrected. The look is rustic offering an exclusive and inviting appearance with an exquisite seating comfort, making it well suited for large soft surfaces. Ideal if you who want a uniform look and easy maintenance. Perfect for families with children or pets.


Semi-aniline leather is also a comfortable and soft high-quality leather. The main difference between pure aniline and semi-aniline is that the top grain has been added a layer of colour making the surface a bit more resistant. The pits are still open and visible allowing the leather to breathe and adapt to room and body temperature.


Raw material: Cow

Country of origin: Europe / Brazil

Classification: Semi-aniline leather

Thickness: 1,3 – 1,5 mm

Tear strenght: >= 20 Newton


ESTORIL is a semi-aniline leather made from European or Brazilian cow hides. ESTORIL has undergone a slight correction of the grain leaving 90% of the natural grain intact and most hallmarks visible. The surface has only received a thin layer of colour, not enough to close the pits, meaning that moisture and heat are transferred into the leather. ESTORIL requires more maintenance than a corrected leather as it is more sensitive towards liquids, dirt etc. ESTORIL is high-quality leather with a soft and comfortable seating comfort. Over the years ESTORIL will develop a beautiful patina. Ideal if you appreciate the beauty and characteristics of a natural leather, but prefer less maintenance than an aniline leather.


Aniline leather is top quality in natural leathers and is very soft and comfortable due to its breathability. Besides the base colour it was given in the tanning process it has only been added a thin layer of aniline finish to protect the pits which are still open and visible. The open pores allow the leather to breathe and adapt to room, and body, temperature.


Raw material: Cow

Country of origin: Europe

Classification: Pure aniline leather

Thickness: 1,2 – 1,4 mm

Tear strenght: > 20 newton


York is a butter-soft pure aniline leather made from European cow hides. The skins are finished with a thin protective layer, making them less susceptible to stains. York is also characterised by its natural marks and ability to take on patina. It is the choice for families wanting the high-end look and feel of aniline leather, with less maintenance. York has been finished with a thin protection to make the leather more stainable. However, aniline leather will always be very susceptible. The thin protection makes York suitable for families who want high-end pure aniline leather – but have a need for soft cleaning.


Raw material: Cow

Country of origin: Europe

Classification: Pure aniline leather

Thickness: 1,2 – 1,4 mm

Tear strenght: > 20 newton


Sienna is a leather that has to be touched to be believed. It is made from European cow hides, and delivers the highest aniline quality. This premium leather is drum dyed, waxed and plated. The texture is simply exceptional with natural markings and grain; ready for a patina-rich look. Sienna is a pure aniline leather which has been drum-dyed, waxed and kiss plated in order to achieve an outstanding touch and feel. The leather is as soft as the most expensive and exclusive leather gloves. The Sienna leather is the best of the best and will develop a beautiful patina over time.


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