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The gifting season is upon and that means our present guide is here! We’ve rounded up our favourite items from our collection and beyond, from fun gifts like guided crafting sessions to the most luxurious accessories and even a few pieces of furniture that every home will benefit from. We also have a list of organisations you can donate to in lieu of, or in addition to, your gifts.

Whether you’re shopping for a design-lover, a constant traveller, a bookworm, or just a regular ole Scandiphile, you’ll find what you need here!


A few weeks ago, we showed you our top picks from our accessory collection, and as well as being great treats for yourself, they make great presents for others, too! A gift like a vase, cushion or bowl shows how much you care about someone, showing you know their tastes and what they need in their home. If you’re unsure of ideal presents, here’s a shortlist of possible options we think you might like.

Photo by Hege Morris


Again, artwork is a deeply personal present that shows a level of thought, taste and consideration over a usual run-of-the mill gift.  Take a look at some of these curated options. The iconic photographs by Karl Blossfeldt deliver a calm yet captivating focal point for any room. If you or your loved ones have art on their wish list, these prints are a sure hit.

Homemade Baking

Last week, we taught you how to create Vaniljekranse, and mentioned the possible idea of gifting them. Well, on top of that, we can give you the option to make æbleskiver, eggnog and pavlova on top of that! Which one will you choose this festive season?

An Experience

This year, when we normally would be out and about, learning and creating freely, we have to be creative in how we experience and learn new skills and hobbies. Gifting one of these experiences can be an excellent way to connect with people, as it’s a great way to bond, interact and be creative with those close to you. Our very own Lucy Batura from the Edinburgh Showroom, also runs Polymorphics, where she runs online workshops to make stylish objects, supplies included!

A Charity Donation

And finally, perhaps one of the most personal gifts you can give to someone is a charity donation in their name. Does your loved one have a cause very close to their heart? A donation is a way you show that you care about someone, that also helps others. A charity that we at BoConcept Scotland work with closely is SocialBite, an Edinburgh-based organisation that fights to end homelessness in Scotland. Right now, they are running their Festival of Kindness, a mission of providing 250,000 meals and essential items to homeless and vulnerable people.

Looking for a charity you want to donate to? Here is a list of UK charities, and the areas that they cover.

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