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Styling can make all the difference to your interior whether you are designing from scratch or looking for a refresh. Read on to discover our favourite pieces for 2022 and how you can use them in your own home.

Form of Line
Group 157
Ceramic Pot Bowl


Chosen by Hannah Kelly

I absolutely love the look of this ceramic dish - it's unique shape and the soft, warm texture would look great in any space. There are many ways to style it: as a decorative accessory on shelves & coffee tables or it could be used as centre piece on the table for hosting dinner parties. It can be functional as well - pop in some parchment paper and you have a funky bowl for nibbles!
Such a versatile piece, the Ceramic pot dish can be used for seasonal styling as well - I would add some dried flowers in Spring / Summer or potpourri flowers at Christmas time.
Bubble vase


Chosen by Marie Ward

Bringing fresh flowers and botanicals into an interior is one of my favourite ways of styling and bringing life to a space - but you need the right vessel to really set them off. Each of these Bubble vases is slightly different in colour and shape, and they look great filled with flowers or standing alone. Bubble is hand blown meaning they each display their own unique character and customers often find themselves drawn to one in particular.

The Bubble vase is quite large, measuring 37cm across, so would make great statement centrepiece on either a dining or coffee table. The softness of the hand blown finish will help to bring warmth to spaces with lots of hard finishes.

Bubble vase
Form of Line


Chosen by Kelly Searle

Most of the artwork in my apartment has been purchased directly from the artist, as I always look for pieces with a certain delicacy and sense of craftsmanship. This piece really stands out to me for those reasons, and I love the understated way in which it brings interest to a space without feeling the need to dominate the composition.

Form of Line would work in any space, however being such a calm and quiet composition, I think it would be particularly suited to a bedroom or similarly peaceful position within the home.

Crystal Candlesticks


Chosen by Claire Monteith

In a range of sizes and colours, these crystal candlesticks are a really great way to dress any dining table or fireplace. They warm tones and geometric forms give quite a mid-century vibe, but the cut crystal finish is timeless and means that they really would look great in any space. Consider buying different sizes and colours - keep in mind that 3 is the magic number in interiors.

Too good to be squirrelled away in a cupboard, I would display these sculptural candlesticks on opens shelves for everyday and bring them to the centre of the space as a feature when entertaining. Perhaps, pop a few different coloured pieces close to a light sourced and watch them cast light over the room as they catch light.

Crystal Candlesticks


Chosen by Dori Houston

As interior designers we tend to get caught up in how a space will look and feel, however how it smells will also make a huge impact on the user experience. I like to place different complimentary scented diffusers in different areas of my home to help distinguish between spaces designed for activity and those for relaxation. I love this new design with dried flowers within the bottle, as it adds an element of visual interest as well as a lovely scent.
When introducing new scents I would begin with my absolute favourite from a collection and experiment by moving it about to find the place I find it truly belongs within my home. I would then seek out complimentary fragrances to use in different areas. There are no rules so it is entirely down to personal preference, but I would be more cautious in spaces where food is being served.
Artificial Flowers


Chosen by Tom MacDonald

In an ever-evolving digital world, where people have experienced so quickly that access to the outdoors can be restricted, it is important to bring a sense of nature into the home. It's scientifically proven to boost your mood when you look at natural items, however cut flowers or houseplants are not always a practical or affordable option for everyone. These artificial flowers are a great alternative.

I would use these throughout the home, choosing different forms and hues to suit each space. Whilst the colours within the range are subtle, this is countered by the bold forms that really make an impact.

Artificial Flowers
Holiday Home in West Scotland


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