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Auckland Boucle is introduced on selected designs; Dublin and Charlotte living chairs, Princeton lounge chairs and Eden pouffes. The fabric is introduced in two colours, white and beige.

Auckland Boucle is a very chunky, heavy fabric with serious texture. It is made of nubby, looped fibres which are very soft to the touch.

The search for soft, cosy and welcoming textures is now more than ever. Trend forecasts talk about stimulation of the tactile senses – how we like to touch and feel stuff in our homes. Boucle is a simple way to add texture to a space and an easy way to make any room feel cosy.

The Auckland Boucle fabric is woven from Wool, Alpaca Wool, Cotton and Acrylic.

The word bouclé comes from the French word meaning “curled” or “ringed”. This is for sure the characteristic of this fabric as the curly effect is very big and very open on the Auckland Boucle. As the Auckland Boucle comes with a very heavy and curled look, it is not suitable for all designs – nor every person. Like any fabric, there are elements that should be considered to make sure you are choosing the best option for your home.


For a fabric like Auckland Boucle other characteristics than “normal” must be expected.

The Auckland Boucle fabric offers a lower Martindale than the remaining collection.
Please be aware that the big open ‘curls’ make the fabric more fragile and there will be a loose thread if the fabric catches a button, cuffs, toys, etc.

Loop pulls are to be expected when hooked with pointed objects or Velcro fasteners.

The fabric is really heavy and fluffy. Like on rugs and knitted blouses you will – with everyday use – see the surface peeling and over time the heavy and fluffy surface will become thinner and more open. We recommend gentle vacuum cleaning with a soft nozzle and low suction.

Avoid placing furniture in high-humidity areas as it may result in mould, discolouration and quality deterioration.
Do not use BoConcept fabric cleaner or protection. We recommend dry clean only and no steaming.

Contact with alcohol, thinner and benzene/benzole will cause colour and quality deterioration. Also avoid contact with chemical materials such as paints, nail polish or nail polish remover.

Jeans and colourful clothes may discolour light fabric surfaces.

Price Group:

25% Wool, 24% Alpaca Wool, 26% Cotton and 25% Acrylic

Colour light fastness:
910 g/m2
Expert Advice

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