Dark blue Skagen fabric 6163




60mm x 60mm

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Add an exclusive touch to your furniture with the striped velvet effect of the SKAGEN fabric. Soft, and durable this fabric will serve to emphasise the comfort and design of your chosen furniture.

The SKAGEN fabric is named after the northernmost point in Denmark. The city of Skagen is renowned for its amazing light, unique nature, and white beaches with beautiful lines. The lines in the SKAGEN fabric ensure a beautiful and characteristic expression that is both elegant and modern. The fabric feels incredibly soft and it comes in an extremely durable quality. The fabric has been given a stain and water repellent treatment and is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO TEX®, which is a guarantee that no hazardous chemicals have been used in its production.


Fabric characteristics

The fabric colour can vary due to the chenille effect in the fabric. This can be adjusted by stroking the fabric and hereby aligning the direction of the piles. All pile and chenille fabrics are subject to pressure markings. This must be accepted especially on areas of the fabric subjected to preferential use. Pile flattening may be restored to some degree by gently steaming and brushing with a soft brush to ‘lift’ the pile. Avoid vigorous brushing as this could result in permanent damage.

Light creases are to be expected as your new furniture is setting in. All materials display this characteristic adding beauty and uniqueness to your piece of furniture. The extent varies depending on cushions and your choice of fabric.



Regularly vacuum the fabric. Dust will increase the wear on a product. In order to protect fabrics from acid in body sweat, we recommend cleaning the entire piece of furniture that is exposed to direct body contact at least twice a year. By applying the BoConcept Protection products, you prevent the risk of stains and dirt penetrating the fabric. Heavily used areas such as seats, arm and backrests require more frequent care.

Avoid placing furniture in high-humidity areas as it may result in mould, discolouration and quality deterioration. Contact with alcohol, thinner and benzene/benzole will cause colour and quality deterioration. Also avoid contact with chemical materials such as paints, nail polish or nail polish remover. Jeans and colourful clothes may discolour light fabric surfaces.

Price Group:
100% Polyester
Colour light fastness:
330 g/m2


Expert Advice

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