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Dark grey Lux Felt fabric 8311




60mm x 60mm

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LUX FELT is a very nice mélange textured wool fabric with a soft touch developed exclusively for BoConcept by Ratti in Italy. The entire production, including spinning, is performed within the Ratti Group benefitting from more than 70 years of experience and proud tradition. The wools are carefully selected lamb wool, ensuring the best outcome in terms of comfort and softness.

Fabric characteristics

LUX FELT is great for creating a Scandinavian look and for combining with other materials such as leathers and wood. It is available in bright colours, perfect for creating eye-catching details in any atmosphere. Lux Felt wool fabric has achieved the ‘woolmark‘ trademark that provides you with guaranteed fibre content and an assurance of quality. The 20% polyamide ensures the necessary level of fabric robustness ensuring the required quality standards. LUX FELT expresses a concept of naturalness combined with high performance in terms of pilling, wear and stain repellency.

‘Fuzzing’ will occur on LUX FELT, but please take comfort in knowing that the fuzz is excess loose fibres from the weaving process. The fuzzing is temporary and will not shorten the lifetime of the fabric. New LUX FELT products will need to be vacuumed two to three times per week until the fuzzing is eliminated. Avoid vacuum cleaners with very concentrated, high-powered suction, as these can loosen the wool fibres. ‘Pills’, entangled fibres that form a fuzzy ball, can be removed by gently pulling the pill using two fingers. Light creases are to be expected as your new furniture is setting in. All materials display this characteristic adding beauty and uniqueness to your piece of furniture. The extent varies depending on cushions and your choice of fabric.


As LUX FELT has a high percentage of wool, which is a delicate material in terms of cleaning. The fabric has been given a stain repellent treatment. LUX FELT has been pre-treated with a stain repellent treatment during the finishing process. It is repellent to any liquid and resistant to wear and stain without changing the look and hand feel. In case of stains immediately remove as much of the spilled substance as you can without rubbing the substance further into the fabric. Regularly vacuum the fabric. Dust will increase the wear on a product. In order to protect fabrics from acid in body sweat, we recommend cleaning the entire piece of furniture that is exposed to direct body contact at least twice a year. By applying additional BoConcept Protection products, you prevent the risk of stains and dirt penetrating the fabric. Heavily used areas such as seats, arm and backrests require more frequent care.

Avoid placing furniture in high-humidity areas as it may result in mould, discolouration and quality deterioration. Contact with alcohol, thinner and benzene/benzole will cause colour and quality deterioration. Also avoid contact with chemical materials such as paints, nail polish or nail polish remover. Jeans and colourful clothes may discolour light fabric surfaces.

Price Group:
80% Wool Sheep – 20% Nylon
Colour light fastness:
375 g/m2
Stain repellent treatment
FR inherent
Expert Advice

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