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Light blue Frisco fabric with aquaclean 8056




60mm x 60mm

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The FRISCO fabric is a woven polyester fabric. It is ideal for heavy domestic use and perfect for tight/non-removable covers. It is recommended for the practical household.

Fabric characteristics

Due to the elasticity of the fabric the stitchings on loose cushions will not always be in perfect straight lines. Light creases are to be expected as your new furniture is setting in. All materials display this characteristic adding beauty and uniqueness to your piece of furniture. The extent varies depending on cushions and your choice of fabric.


FRISCO has a unique and patented AquaClean technology treatment. This treatment can last throughout the lifetime of the fabric, and it does not degrade with time. The AquaClean technology allows you to clean the majority of household stains and general soiling without having to resort to the washing machine. However, if needed, you can wash FRISCO at 30°.

Regularly vacuum the fabric. Dust will increase the wear on a product. Avoid placing furniture in high-humidity areas as it may result in mould, discolouration and quality deterioration. Contact with alcohol, thinner and benzene/benzole will cause colour and quality deterioration. Also avoid contact with chemical materials such as paints, nail polish or nail polish remover. Jeans and colourful clothes may discolour light fabric surfaces.

Do not use BoConcept Protection products on FRISCO.

Price Group:
100% Polyester
Colour light fastness:
450 g/m2
AquaClean technology
Expert Advice

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