Stone Nordic Grain leather 5132




60mm x 60mm

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NORDIC GRAIN is a semi-aniline leather quality, crafted from Scandinavian hides. This leather is processed in a way that ensures a uniform surface, which results in every piece being consistent in colour, pattern and texture. The protected finish ensures that the leather is very strong, resistant to scratches, stains and fading due to sunlight. This makes it perfect for the kind of items that need to stand the test of time. NORDIC GRAIN is for those wanting a beautiful, practical leather with a uniform surface that will keep its fresh, original look for a long time.

Leather characteristics

All leathers will stretch during use and creasing will eventually occur. This only adds character to the product. Light creases are to be expected as your new furniture is setting in. All materials display this characteristic adding beauty and uniqueness to your piece of furniture. The extent varies depending on cushions and your choice of leather.


Use BoConcept leather care products for protection and apply before use. For general cleaning use only a clean, dry and non-abrasive white soft cloth. If necessary, wipe or lightly rub the entire surface with a clean, soft cloth wrung in soapy water (detergent only). Regularly vacuum under seat cushions using a soft brush nozzle to avoid scratching the surface. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight and sources of heat to prevent colour fading.

Contact with alcohol, thinner and benzene/benzole will cause colour and quality deterioration. Also avoid contact with chemical materials such as paints, nail polish or nail polish remover. Jeans and colourful clothes may discolour light leather surfaces.

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Aniline leather
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