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Edinburgh Psychiatry

Edinburgh, 2022


A private psychiatry office in the centre of Edinburgh. Interiors are designed to actively support client needs during their time within the practice.

Through the use of light blues, soft greens and warm taupes the overall mood of the space is a relaxing and warm environment.

Earthy neutrals create a sense of calm, composure and relief from a chaotic world.

The introduction of green hues into the office space helps to separate both the waiting and practice areas. It also allows up to still maintain a calming atmosphere but with a stronger focus on energy and rejuvenation. Excessive use of blue can be detrimental to creating a relaxing space as can create a cold, un-inviting atmosphere so I felt it was important to create a distinctly different colour scheme.

From research by our design department in Denmark we have noticed that clients are focusing on balance and joy – especially in the midst of a health crisis. This is emphasised by layers of green.

Providing a comprehensive interior design service, the BoConcept design team were able to source and specify flooring, wall colours and botanicals in addition to furnishings and accessories.


Most of what you see in BoConcept is based on modular systems, also known as customised furniture, so you can create your own design exactly as you want it. Click below to explore designs featured in this project.

Laura Speirs


Laura Speirs


I joined the BoConcept team in 2018. Since graduating I have participated in several exhibitions including showcasing my work at the National Gallery of Scotland with the Royal Scottish Society of Artists Specialising in Watercolour. I love painting in my spare time and displaying my artwork in my own home, bring a splash of colour to my interiors.

I think our interiors say a lot about ourselves and I love to get to know my clients and help them to create a space which reflects them. I think having a space you feel comfortable and happy in is so important for your wellbeing, it also makes coming back to your home at the end of a long day feel that little bit more special.

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