Kingswells Residence

Aberdeen, 2023

The Design

In this transformative project, the goal was to create a clean, sleek, and modern open-plan dining and living room space with a cohesive flow. The design focused on minimalism, incorporating simple yet effective storage solutions and purposefully placed lighting to showcase the space's form. Texture was added through the use of ceramic, dark oak, and boucle/velvet furnishings, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The project involved a significant overhaul, including the removal of a fire, lifting floors, moving sockets, and plastering walls. The transformation was cathartic for the homeowner, marked by meticulous attention to detail and a complete shift in the living space's vibe.

Featured Designs

Most of what you see in BoConcept is based on modular systems, also known as customised furniture, so you can create your own design exactly as you want it. Click below to explore designs featured in this project.


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Meet the Designer

James Bruce


As a qualified Kilt maker I am always surrounded by beautiful cloth and colour. I love that from a simple piece of cloth I can construct a full garment that will last the wearer a lifetime and even longer. Its this passion and detail that I love to bring to my clients here at BoConcept. Building up a relationship and fully understanding their needs, be it a sofa to a full home design. I want my clients to have that same feeling of quality and attention to detail, knowing that this is the solution that is going to last them a lifetime.

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If you need help with your room interior design ideas, get in touch to see how we can help you in all aspects of interior design, from whole rooms to just a piece of furniture.

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