St. Colme Street

Edinburgh, 2020


A period city apartment in the heart of Edinburgh, housing an eclectic art collection.

“The client is an artist, who also collects artwork as well, and has quite a vast collection. We wanted to make sure that the artwork was a focal point in the space so kept the interiors quite neutral and muted with plenty wall space to hang artwork on. She has an eclectic mix of styles and some of the larger pieces worked beautifully floor standing to create the feeling of a relaxed atmosphere and cosy, informal environment. The artwork also introduced a lot of colour, with bold reds and strong blue giving a very rich and vibrant feeling to the space which makes it feel like a happy and welcoming room. The personality of the client really shows through in this design. The artwork is quite quirky as well with a mix of older vintage pieces, included a gold gilded framed duck with some striking, contemporary abstract canvases.”

Laura Speirs, Senior Design Consultant

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Meet the Designer

Laura Speirs


Having with BoConcept since 2018, I can very appreciate the craftmanship and customisability of our designs. Despite working on a large number of projects no two have ever been the same.
Good design is completely unique to the individual and I believe a home should be a sanctuary, a place you feel most comfortable. I love getting to know my clients and understanding their needs to create a space that they feel most happy in. There really isn't anything more satisfying than seeing the end results with the interiors coming to life once our clients have settled in with their new designs.

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