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Wealthflow Offices

Edinburgh, 2020


Located in the heart of Edinburgh, the Wealthflow offices are designed to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment in which to meet with clients on both a formal and informal basis. The space is understated whilst allowing freedom of movement throughout and allowing a strong element of flexibility with provision for easy reconfiguration as needs require.

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Meet the Designer

Laura Speirs


Having with BoConcept since 2018, I can very appreciate the craftmanship and customisability of our designs. Despite working on a large number of projects no two have ever been the same.
Good design is completely unique to the individual and I believe a home should be a sanctuary, a place you feel most comfortable. I love getting to know my clients and understanding their needs to create a space that they feel most happy in. There really isn't anything more satisfying than seeing the end results with the interiors coming to life once our clients have settled in with their new designs.

We're Here To Help

Big or Small

If you need help with your room interior design ideas, get in touch to see how we can help you in all aspects of interior design, from whole rooms to just a piece of furniture.

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