Westhill Family Home

Aberdeenshire, 2024

The Design

The aim of this project was to create a design for the family’s new build house, incorporating the love of Scandinavian design and heritage with the client’s extensive personal art collection, including showstopping artworks by Scottish artist Catherine Ross.


"I couldn't be happier with the incredible work done by Eryn, Alana and the whole Aberdeen team.

They seamlessly integrated my love for Scandinavian design and my personal art collection into stunning room layouts that perfectly complements the breathtaking view from our self-built home. Throughout the process, they were attentive, accommodating, and full of valuable advice, making every decision easier. Their dedication and availability, fun meetings at the showroom and many phone calls made the entire experience truly enjoyable. Thank you for turning my vision into a reality!"

Featured Designs

Most of what you see in BoConcept is based on modular systems, also known as customised furniture, so you can create your own design exactly as you want it. Click below to explore designs featured in this project.


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Meet the Designer

Alana Colville

Store Manager, Aberdeen

Having worked within the furniture sector of retail since 2016, I have gained an appreciation for good craftsmanship that goes into a product. I am passionate about excelling in assisting clients understand what exactly they need and want to complete their projects. I pride myself in delivering a memorable customer experience with everyone I work with through exceptional customer service.

I cannot wait to help clients create beautiful and unique spaces within their homes that mirror their own personalities within.

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If you need help with your room interior design ideas, get in touch to see how we can help you in all aspects of interior design, from whole rooms to just a piece of furniture.

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