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The LEEDS fabric is your choice for a contemporary design. Its timeless look and high quality ensure that your furniture will be a fashionable fit, no matter what changes to your future interior may bring.


The NANI fabric has a very nice fine structure and veining, making it perfect for a timeless modern style. It has the high performance of a synthetic fibre.


BRESSO is all about comfort. In both look and touch, this microfiber weave in a knitted expression ensures that your furniture is soft and welcoming. A perfect touch of comfort and durability.


RAVELLO has a very soft expression and a glamorous feel. The shine and cloud effect of RAVELLO creates a luxurious look with a soft and relaxed touch.


BRISTOL is the perfect choice for an easy-to-maintain upholstery with beautiful looks. The fabric features a tactile plain weave that creates a subtle texture and timeless expression.


The MOJAVE fabric has a special structure that adds a soft and inviting look to the furniture. It is perfect for a more formal style and for combining with neutral tones and wooden materials. Ideal to create a modern, yet classy atmosphere.


Add an exclusive touch to your furniture with the striped velvet effect of the SKAGEN fabric. Soft, and durable this fabric will serve to emphasise the comfort and design of your chosen furniture.

The SKAGEN fabric is named after the northernmost point in Denmark. The city of Skagen is renowned for its amazing light, unique nature, and white beaches with beautiful lines. The lines in the SKAGEN fabric ensure a beautiful and characteristic expression that is both elegant and modern. The fabric feels incredibly soft and it comes in an extremely durable quality. The fabric has been given a stain and water repellent treatment and is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO TEX®, which is a guarantee that no hazardous chemicals have been used in its production.


Soft, durable and pleasing on the eye, VELVET adds an inviting look to the furniture. The fabric will bring a glow and sense of sophistication and is your choice for a modern, yet classy atmosphere.


The FRISCO fabric is a woven polyester fabric. It is ideal for heavy domestic use and perfect for tight/non-removable covers. It is recommended for the practical household.


LAZIO has the appearance of a boucle fabric, characterized by its heavy look and uneven structure. The fabric unfolds new stories as you interact with it. Get close and examine the intricate structure and its mixed colour palette. Step away and be mesmerized by its interplay with light and shadow. It’s a fabric that begs to be touched, delivering a rich softness and drape that lends beauty to any form. The cotton-wool blend is designed by heritage Italian fabric house, Mario Sirtori.


TOMELILLA offers an enticing sheen with a light and dark melange effect. The satisfyingly soft feel combined with a strong durability ensures that your furniture will look great for years. TOMELILLA is designed by Italian fabric house Mario Sirtori.


WELLINGTON is a woven felt upholstery fabric made of 100% New Zealand premium quality worsted wool. Distinguished by a unique ultra soft and satiny touch, superior strength and a modern colour scheme, the fabric reinvents the iconic felt texture and brings it into the future. The fabric’s ultra softness and pleasant non prickly feel refer to the high quality worsted yarn and careful production processes. The wool is treated with respect through all production stages to protect its natural softness, and no chemical treatments or dyes that compromise the softness of the wool fibres have been used.


NAPOLI is a corduroy velvet fabric developed exclusively for BoConcept. It is a woven fabric composed of twisted fibres that, when woven, lie parallel in order to form a distinct pattern like a 'cord'. The fabric looks as if it is made from multiple cords laid parallel to each other and then stitched together (hence the name corduroy). NAPOLI has a soft and pleasant hand feel with a vintage look with a very modern appeal.


TUSCANY’s composition provides a very soft and inviting feeling, which supports any casual design. The colour mix and trendy, colourful structure add an overall unique expression to the upholstered design.

Auckland Boucle

AUCKLAND Boucle is introduced on selected designs; Dublin and Charlotte living chairs, Princeton lounge chairs and Eden pouffes. The fabric is introduced in two colours, white and beige. AUCKLAND Boucle is a very chunky, heavy fabric with serious texture. It is made of nubby, looped fibres which are very soft to the touch.

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