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Where to Splurge and Where to Save


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Although we’d all love to go all-out on every part of our home, sometimes budgetary constraints mean this just isn’t possible. Spending big doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality, and a limited budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on great design, but knowing where to spend and where to save is an art in itself.

We’ve asked our designers to tell us about the areas of the home where experience has shown that spending that little bit extra can pay dividends in the long run, and where you can shed the costs and save.

Design Outlook


Plan your space and spend! If you don't have a well-thought-out plan, the risk is that you:

  • Exceed the budget you originally intended
  • Spend your money on the "wrong" stuff and have to wait for some important purchases
  • Don't get the cohesive feeling you were looking for because of the impulsive splurges.

All of that leads to frustration and perhaps a feeling that you didn't get the look you were after – despite all the time and money you put in. And it's no fun! Been there done that

- Veronika Hajdu; Design Consultant, BoConcept Edinburgh



I believe in the following:

"Spend good money on things that separate you from the ground"

So sofas, sitting chairs and beds should have a little more consideration put into them. The quality and longevity will speak for itself when compared to a cheaper option/brand. 

- Tom MacDonald; Design Consultant, BoConcept Tillicoultry



Personally, the living room and bedroom are probably areas that I would splurge on but that's because it's where I spend most of my time. Whereas, despite moving into my property 5 years ago this year, I still haven't changed the bathroom or kitchen as there is nothing wrong with it.

- Stephanie Thomson; Design Consultant, BoConcept Edinburgh

Design Solutions


I would say it's best to splurge on sofas/ armchairs/ beds and fabrics as this is where people tend to spend most of their time, especially if they entertain.

If clients want to save somewhere, I would say things like storage, coffee tables and side table are a good one... as if you have an expensive main article (the sofa eg) it will make everything else look expensive too.

Finally, textiles, accessories and lighting is a great way to complete a space and again you can spend less on these.

- Natalie Bridle; Design Consultant, BoConcept Edinburgh

I definitely think it is worth splurging on your sofa. Especially as it is one of the main elements in the space and realistically will take the heaviest use. You can certainly tell high-end sofas from cheap ones from the way they wear over the years and even with good care and maintenance cheap sofas will need to be replaced after a few years. It is certainly more sustainable and better financially to invest in a good quality sofa which will last you a very long time.

I would cut costs in lighting, rugs, and accessories as there are so many fantastic options for lower-cost styling. I think these are elements which will be changed more often with the seasons and trends, so it makes sense to cut costs in this area.

- Laura Speirs; Assistant Manager, BoConcept Edinburgh

Design Solutions


I find people like to save with dining chairs as long as they still get the comfort right. Tables have a presence in a dining space and high-end materials give a tactile feel to a room.

- Clare Grant, Design Consultant, BoConcept Edinburgh

My clients tend to see the value in dining tables but very rarely do when they buy chairs. It’s important to remember that you can save through your chairs but finding ones that are comfortable and will last to stop repeat purchasing is crucial.

- Florencia Simone; Design Consultant, BoConcept Edinburgh

For dining, I think you should be really conscious of tabletop surfaces and accommodate guests that might bang plates/cups etc. I would always invest in a high-quality surface such as a ceramic as will look better for longer. For dining chairs, I would cut costs by opting for shell chairs and perhaps splurging on 2 end chairs in a more luxurious fabric and try and think practically about how many chairs I use on a daily basis and how often I entertain.

- Laura Speirs; Assistant Manager, BoConcept Edinburgh

Design Solutions


The bed is of course the most important thing in the whole room. Be careful when choosing a bed that suits you and your sleeping style.

Take your time when choosing and talk to the designers in the store.

Keep in mind that a bed should last for about 15-20 years, so it's really not a purchase you need to make very often. A bed mattress lasts approximately 8-10 years before it needs to be replaced.

Don't forget to complete your bed with a headboard. It gives you a nice and safe support for your back, while it protects the wall and provides a nice frame for your bed.

- Veronika Hajdu, Design Consultant, BoConcept Edinburgh

I feel very strongly that it is always worth splurging on a good quality mattress! You spend half your life on it so comfort and quality cannot be cut. The bed itself could be cut down on costs by opting for lower-cost fabrics. I would always invest in a good quality storage bed as the mechanism will be getting a lot of usage and has to be able to accommodate a heavy mattress.

- Laura Speirs; Assistant Manager, BoConcept Edinburgh


Design Solutions


With a limited budget, some items in this item can be found in vintage shops.

Antique stores and online shopping for used stuff can be a gold mine. You can find some unique and special pieces as well, rather than buying mass-produced items from "cheaper stores".

Plants always add a harmonious atmosphere to a room and don't usually cost a fortune.

- Veronika Hajdu, Design Consultant, BoConcept Edinburgh

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