Compact living is a reality for many of us, especially in the city, but it doesn’t mean we have to compromise on style. At BoConcept Scotland we are proud to offer a number of on trend designs that maximise on comfort and quality.

Are you sitting comfortably? We’re going to share with you a run down of our best sofas for small living rooms, including all of the important details you need to find the right one for you.

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A modern classic (if we may say so ourselves), Indivi is the original modular sofa from BoConcept, and offers the narrowest 2 seater sofa in our entire collection.

Fully customisable, Indivi is available with a wide range of different styles of armrest and leg, allowing you to find a style and comfort that truly yours.

If you are looking to maximise functionality, you will be pleased to hear that there is also a matching sofabed and storage footstool available.

2 Seat Sofa Dimensions:

  • Depth: 91cm
  • Width: 143cm
  • Height: 83cm


In Osaka you will find our shallowest sofa model, which ideal for narrow spaces where depth can be a challenge.

Osaka offers a number of customisation options, including a choice of three different styles of armrest and either tufted or plain seating cushions.

With a matching sofabed and storage footstool also available, the Osaka family was designed with smaller spaces in mind.

2 Seat Sofa Dimensions:

  • Depth: 87.5cm
  • Width: 162cm
  • Height: 77cm


Once of the newest models in the BoConcept collection, Modena has been designed with affordability and compact contemporary spaces in mind, without compromising on comfort or style.

The Modena 2 seat sofa may not be the smallest by any individual metric, but rating the top three across the board, and coming in at a great price point it should definitely be worth considering.

2 Seat Sofa Dimensions:

  • Depth: 91cm
  • Width: 153cm
  • Height: 73cm


Carmo presents a slightly different proposition to the models mentioned above. The ultimate modular range, your Carmo can be reconfigured or added to as your needs change over time. It is also has the lowest overall height of the sofas in our collection.

Each seating unit is designed to work on its own or as part of a larger configuration, so you could remove the armrests to create a space efficient seating solution than pips even the Indivi for minimal width.

2 Seat Sofa Dimensions:

  • Depth: 93cm
  • Width: 189cm (142cm without armrests)
  • Height: 70cm

How the collection measures up

Across the BoConcept collection you will find a wide range of styling and customisation options, so if none of the models we have listed all ready take your fancy, don’t despair.

To help you find the right sofa for your space and budget we have included a chart showing how our 2 seat sofas compare, but don’t forget that our interior designers are always on hand to offer expert advice, answer those nagging questions and make sure that you find a solution that gives you everything you need.

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