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The shortest day of the year may have been a month ago, but for many this feels like the deepest part of Winter. Gone are the bright lights and buzzing social calendars of the festive season, but the cold weather and dark nights remain. It’s no surprise that #bluemonday has been popping up all over everyone’s social feeds, we’re all in need of a pick-me-up. It’s well documented how well-designed spaces can improve our sense of wellbeing, so here our expert designers provide some interior styling tips that embrace the Wintery mood whilst uplifting the senses.


I always hate that there's a big space left when you take the tree down after Christmas, it can feel a little bit sad and you're left wondering what you have to look forward to next. To bring in the new year, I always like to do a big tidy up after taking the tree down and re-arrange the room. This also gives me an opportunity to display any gifts I have received, such as arranging new books on the coffee table or making space for new decorative pieces.

- Eilidh Hunter; Design Consultant, BoConcept Glasgow


This year, several really quite sophisticated colours dominated the Christmas collections - from rust red, burgundy and orange, to forest green and deep blue. These beautiful tones do not have to be limited to the holidays and are nice to decorate with all year round - especially during the Winter months when they can help to bring warmth and depth to a space. If you chose to decorate with this year's trends this Christmas, you can extend the life of some elements into to the lighter and brighter months. Match with bright, natural colours to lighten the dark colours just in time for the arrival of Spring.

- Veronika Hajdu; Design Consultant, BoConcept Edinburgh


During the Winter I love some throws and pillows for sofas, beds, and little nooks. Creating a little space to chill after we all start getting busy with work again and need some relaxation time. These also make for an easy way to change up the space without making any big decisions. In the Wintertime some warm rust reds, burgundies and oranges work perfect, and then transitioning into spring and summer you can start working in some brighter colours.

- Rachel Scott; Design Consultant, BoConcept Edinburgh


My Winter staple is bringing in throws that are kept within easy reach. They not only look great on a sofa, introducing tactility and texture, but they also help to prevent getting chilly on a cold Winter's night - improving overall wellbeing and mental health by creating a secure comforting environment.

- Amy Alexander; Design Consultant, BoConcept Edinburgh


My number one styling tip for Winter is florals! I change any flowers for fresh eucalyptus or cotton plants as soon as the seasons turn. Even before I think about Christmas trees or decorations, I bring some fresh Wintery styling in with seasonal plants. Botanical details really can bring a space to life throughout the year and their impact if felt much more keenly when it seems cold and barren outside.

- Eilidh McDougall; Senior Design Consultant, BoConcept Glasgow


Styling with seasonal (but non-festive) Garlands is one of my favourite Winter styling tips. Whilst garlands are a common feature of Christmas interiors, they are perfect for the full Winter season and it's nice to have greenery around the home to freshen the air and awaken the senses.

- Hannah Kelly; Design Consultant, BoConcept Tillicoultry

Seasonal Scents

The scent in a space can have as much impact as the visuals or textures, but is often overlooked. I am a big fan of candles, keeping the space feeling cozy and calm, and even when you’re transitioning into the next season you can just switch up the candle scent and get ready for Spring or Summer. They also add a pop of colour into the room, without making a permanent decision, and can be coordinated with the rest of your décor.

- Rachel Scott; Design Consultant, BoConcept Edinburgh

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